lunes, 29 de abril de 2013

Rob y Kristen de compras (07/04/2013) (Actualizado)

Ayer se dieron a conocer estas fotos y se dijeron que eran del 28/04 cosa que es mentira....
y otra vez somos testigos de una movida de prensa...

XXXsten Dreams you wish they would come true but sadly for you ……..

They never do.
So here is the proof of Epic love on 4/26/2013 that all these freaks claimed was on XXXsten Dreams. Since it did not make sense to me I will explain what I see. 

Amazing what you will do when you are unemployed. She seems to gravitate towards the fans and Paparazzi now. Not to mention she has become a walking advertizement for a certain jeweler. I guess all the free concerts and swag don’t pay the electric bill. But the fandom only see a “ring of love” on that left hand finger. But of course it is not. Do these people ever read anything besides GC and XXXsten Dreams.
And this… Wow… She is just so happy. Both her arms raised and surrounded by her pals. Many cut from the picture. But what do they care. They get their names out there and share in the free stuff. Limo rides, Concerts, and free food. What a life. That blurry guy in the background does not look as happy but who knows if he is even there.
So that is it? This is the proof? You are kidding right?
So at first I was like …………

 Then I was like ……….. 
 Now I am just ……………

Now for accounts from those that were really there and could care less about the fandom. Rob arrives with a friend or two and then Sten and her friends show up later.
They meet up for the photo but that is the only interaction. Did they get their concert bracelets; meet the band? Rob certainly does not find it very exciting.
They stay with the people they came with for the rest of the evening. When they leave once again it is not together and at different times. It is almost like they are living two separate lives. Has anyone thought they have to clock in and take a pic to pay for the “not so free tickets.”.
XXXsten’s the fiction is really getting out of hand. You people have no idea what a relationship looks like and definitely have no idea what a friendship is let alone coworkers. You people are truly messed up.

Yes you all are.
Now back to making fun of your poorly written fiction.


domingo, 28 de abril de 2013